5 Days of Internal Heat Building Yoga

5 Days of Internal Heat Building Yoga

5 Episodes

Focus on utilizing your ujjayi breath through vigorous asana flows. These classes dial in on your breath through repetitive sun salutations and creative flows.

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5 Days of Internal Heat Building Yoga
  • Sun Salutations: 25 Minutes

    Episode 1

    Sun salutations with Araceli
    Move with and through 27 minutes of Sun A’s and Sun B’s. Allow your breath to be your guide as you observe what comes up for you.
    Suggested Props: Yoga Mat, Yoga Block, Water

  • Heart Opening Flow: 30 Minutes

    Episode 2

    Join Araceli as she leads you through a heart opening flow. Get expansive as you open your shoulders and you strengthen your back.

  • Heat Building Yoga: 30 Minutes

    Episode 3

    Araceli will guide you through fiery, heat inducing flow. Drop into your breath and your body.

  • Deep Flow: 30 Minutes

    Episode 4

    Deep yoga flow with Araceli. Find softness and ease with breath and movement.

  • Fiery Grounding Yoga: 40 Minutes

    Episode 5

    Flow with movement and breath as Araceli leads you through a yoga class that will heat you up from the inside out. Feel your feet connect to the ground and your heart open up.
    Suggested Props: Yoga Mat, Water Bottle